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​ Guest room type

​ The breakdown of 40 rooms of all 4 types is 3 superior twin rooms (non-smoking), 5 standard twin rooms (3 non-smoking rooms, 2 smoking rooms), single (17 non-smoking rooms, 17 non-smoking rooms). There are 14 smoking rooms) and 1 Japanese-style room (smoking).
Common equipment / equipment
Refrigerator, TV (terrestrial digital broadcasting / BS broadcasting: free video on demand: paid), telephone (extension only), washlet (in unit bath), internet connection (WIFI / wired LAN available), kettle pot, cup, ashes plate ( Smoking room only), Hair dryer / Plasmacluster air purifier, Clothes brush, shoe spatula, disinfectant deodorant
Room wear, slippers, towel set, toothpaste set, tissue, cotton swab, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, shave, instant coffee, green tea pack, morning bread set
Rental listing
Iron, pillow, blanket, sewing set, thermometer, wine opener, ice pack, nail clippers, mobile charger, extension cord, electric stand, hair dryer (nano care), body soap, shampoo, conditioner of your choice
​ * We may not be able to meet your request due to lending.
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